A reminder - What this page is about

Thank you for being here

Sorry for not posting for more than 20 days, it was vacation time. Anyway, we are back now and to kick off another season, let’s say a few words about this page and it’s goals, simply to try and clear up any misunderstandings that might have happened.

Most people that like the page are probably non-religious so you might feel annoyed by some of the arguments and thoughts being published here and consider it "preaching to the choir". You do not need to be told this. You already know it.

Truly sorry for that, but the goal of this page is and always will be is to familiarize believers with those arguments as well. People tend to go about their lives, not thinking about things and accepting them at face value - they simply do ...not have time to read about it, to think about it because they are too busy with life. So, it might be helpful to some to have an argument or a critique randomly pop up on their FB timeline - they might just give a thought about it.

Even if they dismiss the argument or unlike the page, to have someone think about something and then dismiss it is a LOT better than not having information at all - and effectively being lied to - by omission.

So, thanks for tolerating such posts and for being here. We are just beginning. See you out there.

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