Do not sacrifice the good for the perfect

European Vegetarian Union Symbol

I bought this candy because of this stamp - made without animal-based gelatin. Yet I confess that I do eat meat. So, why did this matter to me?

Am I simply a hypocrite in this manner? Did I simply want to briefly feel good? This all is very much possible.

Let us indulge in a bit of reflection. The fact that this mattered to me at that point in time indicates that when given a choice between two same things, but one is a bit "morally better", means that I could be a bit more likely to pick the better one, given that basically nothing changes for me. When the choice is more likely to "hurt" me, I am obviously not prepared to make it, as I still do eat meat.

You might possibly notice the similar tendency in yourself to buy free-range eggs, for example. But the point is, this little incident got me thinking about the concept of sacrificing the good for the perfect - and the perfect may never come.

I do feel that my tiny gesture multiplied many thousands of times can possibly make a difference. In short, just because you do not go all the way in regard to some idea, that does not mean that going part of the way will not push things ever so slightly in the right direction. Just because we cannot single-handedly save the world, that doesn't mean we should not do anything about it.

Off to enjoy the candy.

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