Happy Thanksgiving

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Workers masturbate the male turkeys until they ejaculate and then workers collect the semen. Then female turkeys are forcibly inseminated using a syringe.

Today is Thanksgiving in the US, so what better time than today to share a bit about the production of Turkey meat?

Anyway, most turkeys that are raised for meat have been bred with such large breasts that they basically cannot normally mate, so 'artificial insemination' is used. That is just a euphemism for what is basically rape. Sorry if you feel that word is offensive to human rape victims, but the fact is rape is what happens. Ok, we can call it sexual assault. That is the reality of factory farming.

Like I said on this page many times, I am not a vegan. I have a too weak character to be one. Also, eating meat could be possibly justified by raising new animals which are given a good life and then killed humanely, because otherwise, it's possible there would not be any new beings. I am still struggling with the philosophy of that one.

But there is absolutely no justification for these kinds of practices. This is only to make the process as cost-effective as possible, with the highest profit going to manufacturers, without any regard for beings who feel pain and suffer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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