Lucianne Walkowicz - Look Up for a Change

In this TEDx talks video Lucianne Walkowicz explains the importance of preserving our dark night sky from the perils of light pollution and other lesser-known factors. In Lucianne's eyes, "Our night sky is a natural resource, it's like a park you can visit without ever having to travel there."


More about Lucianne Walkowicz:

She studies the inscrutable faces of the stars for clues to the inner workings of their hearts. She got her taste for astronomy as an undergrad at Johns Hopkins, testing detectors for the Hubble Space Telescope's new camera (installed in 2002). She also learned to love the dark stellar denizens of our galaxy, the red dwarfs, which became the topic of her PhD dissertation at University of Washington.

(Video and Lucianne's biography taken from: TEDxPhoenix - Lucianne Walkowicz - Look Up for a Change YouTube video.)

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