Is it OK to Think - Mission, Rules and Goals 2019

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So, the new year is here, and I vowed to post more, only to keep doing the same old thing. I keep mostly posting on social media because it's just more convenient to make a simple meme or share an article – and I am sometimes very lazy, so this seems like a perfect match. But it seems this cannot go on. This might just be my imagination but I do feel Facebook has tweaked its algorithm one more time at the beginning of the year. Maybe my posts suck extra hard this year, that is possible, but I feel a change has happened. So, the idea is to try to have a reverse effect – write 'for Google' instead 'for Facebook' and try to bring people here – which in turn should drive them to Facebook. The opposite of current strategy, you could argue. I don't know whether this idea makes any sense or not and I have no idea whatsoever about social media – or what people like in the real world even, so this all might be in vain. But we'll see.

Nevertheless, the plan was – and still is to post more right here. So in order to be able to do that, let us take a deeper look at what this page is all about anyway and what should the goals and policy be. In order to do that, let's take a look at what this page IS and IS NOT, so here's a bit what this page and its social media channels are about, what the goals and the rules are. First of all, this is not a news page – it won't concern itself so much with current events – although they might prompt a post about some issue which they expose as important. I will from time to time provide comments on current affairs, but I will not abide by the standards of neutrality adopted by the news organizations. Simply put, I am not neutral. This is NOT a neutral site. This site has – let's say it like this – a political agenda, even if the topics are not strictly politics.

The page was built to spread messages I feel are important and to connect with like-minded people. Topics I care about are – atheism, feminism, science, space exploration, philosophy and art.

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You can expect a mixture of posts and memes from these fields. They will not be strictly published to encourage debates but instead will offer my opinions or quotes I agree with, which will sometimes be political – as the goal of this page is to persuade you to explore trains of thought you might otherwise ignore. If you have a different opinion and are able to explain and reason it properly, you're welcome to share it. The discussion is not forbidden – more than that – it is precious and welcomed, but be warned that I am not interested in providing a platform to either 'drive-by' trolls who claim I will burn in hell or to the insecure little boys who have not bothered to see for themselves what feminism is and instead of doing that – they choose to troll.

Another thing - this is not and never will be a debate club. I will not debate with theists who feel that all the proof they need is in one book or insecure boys who don't understand the difference between feminism and misandry.

I do not need to provide a response to everyone who jumps in with the comment that I am a lost child who needs to find Jesus or even to everyone who makes a weak argument for God. Simply put – I have better things to do, like providing more content. Debates with trolls steal away what little time I have to make new content so I will not engage in them.

Next, this is a safe space, but not in the 'some topics are forbidden' sense. No topics are banned or forbidden. What is forbidden is using slut-shaming, racism, homophobia or transphobia as arguments, so in the sense that you should not criticise people for who they are, but for the ideas they hold, this is a safe space.

That being said - I might ban people simply for being relentless annoying pricks with too much time at their hands – if you come only to troll or to offend with repeating the same lame arguments over and over again - you will be banned.

I do not owe those people a platform. Freedom of speech protects you from governments. Private guys - and yes - this is only a blog, not a company for profit - certainly do not have to listen to you and I am not required to let you use the 'work' I did here to promote your ideas. Go and build your own platform if you desire so.

To everyone else - welcome or hello again. Enjoy your stay. I am looking forward to many meaningful discussions, comments, likes and shares. Keep it civil and have fun.

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