Religion and Terror

Religion and Terror - Broken Statue

Even if the London attacker turns out not to be Muslim or Islam-motivated, this latest attack has again spawned various debates and opinions on Islam & Terrorism, so let's write something about this.

Nobody is condemning all Muslims. This is just a given.

But to ignore the facts and to say that this has nothing to do with religion is plain wrong. From what I was able to follow, most of the terrorists were religious (right-wing fanatics in the US who did similar things were, so it's impossible to put religion on one side, in the jar, separated from everything else and completely ignore it when analysing why are these things happening.

If religion can make an impact on what people wear, what people buy, and let's face it, these are trivial things in life, it's simply stupid to pretend it cannot have any impact at all on whether someone might find an eternal life and imagined gratitude from their God a good reason to kill others and possibly themselves.

For proof of this Islam can be ignored altogether. Just take a look at all the witch burnings, crusades and killings other religions are responsible for. Simple logic tells us that Islam and Muslims alone cannot be immune to these effects of religion.

With that said, IMO the best way for Muslims and non-Muslims alike is to take a look at Islam and see which teachings can possibly be equivalent to the "you shall not allow a sorceress to live" of Christianity which is responsible for so much evil through the history. When these things are identified, they should be ignored or interpreted differently by scholars in order to discourage anyone from using them as an excuse for war.

Denying any connection whatsoever is simply not a smart thing to do, especially for Muslims, who will feel even worse and worse if these things continue. And they will continue until factors that might possibly contribute to this are changed or eliminated.

To simply ignore religion when determining what these factors are is wrong, is all that's being said.

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