Science is not the only answer to everything. We need to get involved as well.

Science is not the only answer to everything

I love Science. I feel science is the greatest enterprise humanity has engaged in. I am moved to tears by reading Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking and realizing how far humans have come by using principles of science.

Scientists are human.

However, the fact that one loves something should not prevent them from thinking about possible problems with it. Like all humans, there were times when scientists did not manage to have and hold the moral high ground. Experiments on animals when they were not absolutely required and purchase of scientific integrity by big oil corporations and food industry comes to mind.

None of them were evil people. They were imperfect human beings, like all of us, that is all. Because of this, when the world gets rid of religion, we simply cannot put science in charge of everything and let it run things by itself and do whatever it wants. There would never be such problems as when religions ran everything, but, still. It is our world too, and we all should be interested in its future. Even in a world where science is much more important than superstition, our 'work' would not be done.

We have to get rid of the desire to be simply led by others. We have to participate. We have to make sure that world is everything it can possibly be. We cannot simply say - there are people working on it, that does not concern me.

The future generations and the World itself are far too important.

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