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'We Love Thinking' written over an image of a boy with a flashlight pointing towards the sky

The group privacy is initially set to Public.

This group will serve as a secondary way for people to connect and discuss space, science, art and atheism - you know, the topics of this page. So, if you are feeling generous, please join to help start this group. If it works - excellent. If it does not, no matter, the page itself will be always available.

Again, the page was built to spread messages I feel are important and to connect with like-minded people. Topics I care about are – atheism, feminism, science, space exploration, philosophy, art and protecting the liberal values in a world that seems increasingly conservative. The idea behind making a group is that the posts should come from you and reflect things you feel are important for the world to move forward. Also, the group will make it easier to voice any difference of opinion you might have. If you have an opinion with regard to a certain topic and are able to explain and reason it properly, you're welcome to share it.

Respect is enforced toward humans, but not toward ideas. Your ideas and notions could be ridiculed, so feel warned. That being said, we should all strive never to resort to a personal attack and expect the same from visitors who engage in a debate.

Next, the group is a safe space, but not in the 'some topics are forbidden' sense. No topics are banned or forbidden. What is forbidden is using slut-shaming, racism, homophobia or transphobia as arguments, so a safe space, in the sense, that you should not criticise people for who they are, but for the ideas they hold.

That being said - I might ban people simply for being relentless annoying pricks with too much time at their hands – if you come only to troll or to offend with repeating the same lame arguments over and over again - you will be banned.

Freedom of speech protects you from governments. Private guys - and yes - this is only a blog, not a company for profit - certainly do not have to listen to you and I am not required to let you use the 'work'.

That's it for the disclaimer, it's best to check these things for yourself. Please take a few minutes and check out both the Facebook Page and the Group. Thank you.

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