You don’t know why she posed nude

You don’t know why she posed nude

Image by JerzyGorecki / Pixabay – Public Domain

A lot of people really are acting like they can read minds, like they know absolutely everything about everybody. One of the ways these people are revealed is when they come across a nude or half nude or … almost any photo where a woman’s skin is showing. It can almost be guaranteed that someone (a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter – although it’s usually men) will comment something like:

Well, of course she’s naked. That’s how you earn money if you don’t have any other talents.

… or something similar … you can almost hear them, can’t you? Or hear yourself, if you’re one of these people that likes to make snap judgements of people they don’t know and don’t even care to know.

Well, as it turns out, women are people too (difficult to accept for some, I would imagine). And people are complicated. People do things for a variety of reasons.

Some (if not all) of the reasons certainly are the same as for men … for example, you might start with wondering what would a man do if he had a killer body? His Facebook / Instagram page might be full of these kinds of pictures, don’t you think? So, being proud about one’s body is a universal sentiment for both men and women. Is it really impossible that this is no motivation for women, but the only motivation is to earn money or “sell” themselves? If your first thought is along those lines, that tells a lot about the environment you were raised in … actually, the environment where we all were raised and are still being raised in. This is the environment that teaches that women should be ashamed of their bodies,  that they should be demure and obedient. And this is not the environment we should be raising our kids in. So, yes, our society needs even more feminism.

Also, if you think about it, why take any photos at all? Because the arrow of time marches relentlessly forward and we know that we are going to change, that our bodies are going to change, that our children are going to grow up, We as humans want to be able to remember those moments. Is posing nude REALLY that different?

From the top of the head, here are some more reasons women might choose to pose nude beside “selling” and “searching for a sugar-daddy” as some misogynists say. These are certainly not all the reasons, it’s just a list of things I more or less remember hearing from women and seeing online as a reason to pose in the nude:

  • Because she is proud of her body
  • To show that she controls her body
  • Self-acceptance
  • To break barriers
  • To show that she is human
  • Art

Well, the truth is you DO NOT KNOW why a woman posed nude, so do not assume that you do.

Why pose nude?

If you agree, feel free to share this picture with your friends as a reminder not to get carried away in judgements.

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